Kristina Heinonen

Australian Silky Terriers

Exclusive European Showdogs Curiosity was established 1996 when mother and daughter Kristina Heinonen and Pia Saares decided to start breeding beautiful and healthy dogs with outgoing temperaments. At this point both of them had been involved with dogs for many years and with silkys since 1989. First bearded collie came to the family 1990. Although breeding with beardies did start later. Our breeding philosophy: We only produce litters as we need breeding material ourselves so from each litter produced we keep something ourselves: Every litter has to give something or should be able to build next generations. We use for breeding only mentally and physically healthy dogs that can easily manage everyday family life. We work together with some of the most appreciated breeders around the world. Some of them has became our dear friends. Welcome to visit our homepage and read moore about us and our dogs Tina and Pia

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