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Macgiriaght is the registered UK Kennel Club Affix of Frank Geraghty. We are Kennel Club Accredited Breeders. Here at Macgiriaght Spaniels we have been involved in shooting and field sports for over three decades. Frank was an avid shooter until 1992 when he bought his first pedigree Spaniel, having spent his youth shooting with a cocker cross. Frank was so impressed by the loyalty, stamina and intelligence of these loving, yet hard-working dogs, that he soon began the process of building up a line of award-winning spaniels. Frank so enjoyed the thrill of working his spaniels, that the act of shooting became secondary to training and working his dogs. Frank is an experienced handler and trainer. He has successfully trained three different spaniel breeds to the highest standards. He works his dogs on shoots as a picking up team, shoots over them himself and competes in working/field events all over the UK. Frank is a Kennel Club Panel Judge for spaniels. He has judged Field Trials, Gun Dog Working Tests and has also assessed the Kennel Club Gundog Working Certificate . We are probably the first Kennel to have won Field Trials in the UK with three different spaniel breeds, The English Springer Spaniel, The Cocker Spaniel and The Clumber Spaniel. Our spaniels are part of our family, and they also work for a living, as well as competing in Trials and Working Tests. We pride ourselves on possessing and producing loyal, friendly and obedient dogs. The sort of spaniel that makes a superb family member and a quality shooting companion. We are leading the way as a Working Kennel in health testing for all of our spaniels. Our dogs are health tested and have proven working ability in the field. Our Breeding Lines We are Kennel Club Accredited breeders and we aim to produce dogs that are fit for function and fit for life. All of our puppies have parents that are fully health tested. We believe in only using the top blood lines for breeding and we have a large cross section of all the winning, working lines. Our breeding bitches are all proven workers having won or received awards in Field Trials, Gundog Working Tests and / or been awarded the Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate. We have Clumbers, Cockers and English Springer Spaniels. Puppies can be pre-booked on receipt of a fifty percent deposit. All our breeding bitches come from Field Trial lines, they all have very impressive pedigrees with numerous field trial champions and winners as relatives. Frank Geraghty reserves the absolute right to refuse a dog or puppy to anyone who he feels will not make a good owner, whether the dog is being brought as a family pet or a working dog. We operate a priority system on our puppies, field trailers take priority, followed by shooters/hunters and lastly people who wish to purchase our puppies as pets. All of our puppies are supplied Docked, Dewclaws removed, Wormed, Vet Checked, Micro-chipped, Kennel Club Registered and come with 4 weeks free insurance. They also come with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we are always on hand to offer advice and information at any time in your Macgiriaght dogs life.

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