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Burmeses - Yorkshire Terriers


We have bred Yorkies for 30 years and have a wealth of experience in sound breeding, of temperament and rearing.

We are a member of the Yorkshire Terrier Club and always happy to give advice to owners not only of puppies bred by ourselves but to anyone who owns or of thinking of buying a puppy.

Make sure you can see the mother of the puppies, and maybe check people if you are unsure about the situation. Local dog rescues are worth asking.

All our puppies leave being vet checked with at least  one or both vaccinations, wormed insured  and microchipped



 We have bred Burmese for 30 years, also  We were one of the first breeders to import the wonderful  Australian Mist cats,  from Australia into the UK. and  Awarded 2015/2016 Bet Australian Mist in Western Europe.

We have bred many champions from both breeds .. though Europe and the UK.

All our kittens are reared in the house and well socialized,

All kittens are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped and insured before they leave for their new homes.

Happy to advise on any issues,

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