My names is Claire and I live with my husband, 2 children and our gorgeous Doodles Dayna and Lily. In 2008 after much searching for the right dog with the right temperament we found Dayna our stunning black curly coated F2B labradoodle. Dayna has given us nothing but joy from day one and has now matured into quite a lady with the most wonderful temperament you could wish for in a dog. We fell in love with her and the labradoodle breed. So much so at the tender age of 1yr we decided to purchase a companion for Dayna and again did our homework for quite some time until we found Lily our stunning Goldendoodle. From day one Dayna went into mother mode with Lily and still to this day, 3yrs on, she continues to clean Lily from top to bottom each day.... cleans her eyes, ears and bits each day!! Observing Dayna as such a great mother figure for the past few years, coupled with her amazing qualities we decided to let her experience motherhood at least once in her lifestime and let her have her very own babies. We strongly believe it isnt just luck that cause adult dogs to have wonderful temperaments. Nor is it just down to genes alone. The environment her babies are born into from day one is vital for the development of healthy, happy and good natured dogs. This is why Dayna will have her babies in our home where they will get tender loving care from all our family and friends from day one. They will touched and held from very early days so that they can experience the benefits of all that science tells us goes hand in hand to produce such wonderful happy healthy adult dogs. We will also choose homes for her puppies with the same tender care to ensure these values and love continue throughout their lives.

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