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I have been a breeder of Tonkinese for 5 years and Old Style Siamese for only 1 year. I love my cats and first and foremost they are my pets. I am fortunate to live in the Countryside where there is lots of space for them and they do not annoy neighbors. I am a member of the Tonkinese Breed and Cat Club, the Old Style Siamese Cat Club and PREOSSIA. I have two different prefixes registered with both the GCCF and TICA and I show at both. My main aim is to breed cats that are healthy and will live long and active lives, add this to a wonderful temperament and you have the perfect combination for a long and happy relationship with your pet. I say pet but what I really mean is "family member" because this is what they become from the moment they enter your homes. In fact they will literally take over the household providing you with hours of entertainment, a comforting purr and a talkative companion. My kittens will only be allowed to go to approved homes so please do not be offended if I ask lots of questions when you make any enquiry.

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