Sheldon Pure Pedigree Pixiebob Juvenile Boy

Breed: Pixie-bob

Updated: 24th Jul 2020


This boy kitten Is a lovely example top quality shorthaired pixiebob with a faultless show length bobtail. Sheldon is playful but also loves chilling out and having lots of cuddles. 
He sports the renowned predatory expression synonymous to this breed, but he is soft and gentle by nature. A very loving kitten ideal for a family with cat savvy children. He is registered with TICA and will come with papers. 

Pixie-bobs are like a dog in a cats body, you'll get many dog traits mixed in with typical feline characteristics. 

Things like harness training, playing fetch, and choosing to climb into water or take a shower are common with this breed.

This boy requires a home with lots to do (especially playing with his favourite feather teaser toy) and would suit a family with cat savvy children upwards of 5yo, another cat is not essential, but if you have then he'll warm to them if they allow it, his focus is very much on the humans in the family.

He has been an indoor cat his whole life, so would be ideal in a no outdoor access home or home with a catio/secure enclosure w access into the home via a cat flap. I can offer advice on a variety of enclosure options and where these can be purchased if you wish to install one from balcony size to full garden and every size in-between.

He loves fuss and sitting on/next to you and especially loves his weekend treat of a tray of kitten pate for dinner, so it's easy to win over.

We want him to get a lovely home (he was under evaluation for a breeding program in the UK, but now) looking only for a forever loving pet placement, this top quality is reflected in the price.

Sheldon will come w official reg certificate, received a full course of jabs, 3 vets checks, microchipped, parasite treated, neutered, and a new home pack including sample food, cat litter and a toy.

Pixiebobs are a rare breed from USA breed to look wild (mimicking the N. American bobcat), they are very mild/gentle in nature, compared to being dog like (Labrador in disguise). 

A highly intelligent breed that needs interactive toys, or plenty of play time to keep them happy. They do not manage isolation or loneliness well, and need companionship but on their terms.

Viewings are by appointment only. A retention deposit is required (to get all the vets and transfer of ownership things done) with a view to collect 6 weeks after deposit is received. It takes a full six weeks to get all the vets procedures completed and the transfer done we can't release any quicker.

We will not accept a deposit unless we are sure the home you are offering is suitable. Deposits are taken in good faith and a commitment to homing, they are non-refundable as they are spent on costs upon receipt. Therefore please only pay a deposit if you are serious about giving this cat a home. No time wasters please.


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Born on / due:

24th Aug 2019






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Kelly Toyallycoastal Cats Uk


Tel: 07488 367797

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