Stunning Apricot Miniature Poodle Stud. Sires Reds. Health Tested, KC Reg, Proven.

Breed: Poodle

Updated: 17th Dec 2016



Henry...Available to all breeds, Stunning Apricot/Red KC reg Miniature Poodle at stud? Well proven, and producing beautiful, healthy litters with lush coats. He has also been DNA tested clear for the following:
1) Prcd PRA, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, a form of blindness, common in Poodles, Cockers and Poodle Crosses.
2) Degenerative Myelopathy, a paralysing spine condition found in all breeds.
3) Von Willebrands Type 1, a serious canine blood condition which can lead to excessive bleeding and complications.
4) Familial Nephropathy, a serious kidney disease.
This will enable you to guarantee to your puppy buyers that their puppy will never suffer from any of these serious canine conditions, without having to have your bitch tested..
Henry has also been examined by a specialist orthopaedic vet, for Luxating Patella, which is another common crippling disease of Poodles and Poodle crosses. It causes severe lameness and is usually only cured by surgery. He has been passed clear on this too, and certificates for all five tests will be given at first mating.

          One litter, 13 Cockapoo puppies! 10 of which were Red bitches. Well proven ,with an excellent track record, siring beautiful puppies with superb temperaments. Regularly produces red puppies, although litter colour does also depend on the colour of your bitch.
He has been mated to a variety of breeds, including Cockers, Springers, Cavaliers, Cockapoos, etc.

Mainly Red pedigree, no black.
Experienced and patient handler, all matings are supervised, in a clean and calm environment, many years experience in breeding.!
Bitches are mated twice, 48 hours apart. Fee of two hundred pounds payable upon first mating. If in the unlikely event of your bitch not conceiving a free mating would be given on her next season.
Copies of his KC reg , pedigree and Five test results given after mating.
First time breeders and maiden bitches welcome, advice on whelping freely given (ex vet nurse)
Short notice matings accomodated when possible, but we never over work him. Evening and weekend matings no problem.
We are situated near Market Drayton, with easy access , only 12 miles from jun 15 on the M6, Stoke on Trent. Please visit our website.


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14th Aug 2012






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Mrs Celia Bennett


Tel: 01630661395

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