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ALWAYS KEEP IN TOUCH WITH THE BREEDER THEY NEED THE FEEDBACK FROM YOU. ALL OUR KITTENS ARE SOLD AS PETS ONLY AND ON NO ACCOUNT WILL THEY BE ALLOWED FOR BREEDING. THERE WILL ALWAYS BE RESTRICTIONS. Breeders of the beautiful Burmese and also the new breed to the UK Australian Mist Cat. My husband Chris and myself, have been involved with animals all our lives. We believe if you breed any animal you have a responsibility to the animal, like a parent has to their child This should cover doing the best you can right from the start, by breeding a sound healthy animal, through good genetics and husbandry, but also making sure that those animals have good temperaments and are house reared. Although it is nice when your cat wins at shows, it should not be at the expense of soundness and temperament. We are always here for our cats, kittens, and their families, even when they are OAPs.

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