Our cattery BaldEra is engaged in breeding PETERBALD, ORIENTAL and SIAMESE cats. The first cattery sphynx kitty Era was moved in 2007. It has become a pioneer of the cattery. Since it is totally naked cat bald cat and its name is Era, our cattery name is BaldEra. Currently, our cattery is ONE of the biggest and strongest, based on blood lines around the Baltics. We have five WORLD Champions. All of them was born in cattery Baldera. The main aim of the cattery - healthy, its breed and standards suiting animals. We love our pets a lot, as a result they reward us with their love and affection. We choose carefully future custodians of our kittens, in purpose to give kittens to neat hands. Kittens go to new home 3 months after their birth, they an vaccinated, have a veterinary Europass and chip. All pets have WCF documents and an sold only on a contract. Cattery is registered in 2008, WCF organization.

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