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I am a TICA Registered breeder of Ragdoll cats and Neva Masquerade Siberian cats and Siberian cats. I have ten years experience of the Ragdoll cat, four years of the Siberian cat. A lifetime experience of cats. All my breeding queens live within the family home and are very much part of the family. The kittens are raised around my children and every day household noises. Please look at my website for further information about myself and my cats.

I breed traditional colourpoint Ragdolls in the colours of seal,blue,chocolate and lilac. I also bred a high grade seal smoke traditional Ragdoll, having discovered the silver/smoke gene in my lines. I was the first UK breeder to introduce mink ragdolls into my breeding program. I breed these in seal,blue,chocolate and lilac. All these colours are also available in smoke too. 

I have the colourpoint Neva Masquerade Siberian in seal tabby, blue tabby, reds, seal silver tabby tortie and have recently introduced a solid blue Siberian to my breeding program. 


Both breeds are loyal, loving and puppycat like. Purely indoor cats.

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