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I have owned Bolognese for 12 years and they have been a delight. They are so easy to live with being true companion dogs. That has been their job since the 13th century. They grow to between 10 and 12 inches and are quite solid little dogs. They do bark but only to alert you as they have excellent hearing. They are not a yappy breed but like to have the last word! Highly intelligent they learn easily bad habits as well as good so owners need to be vigilant to ensure they pick up good habits. They are eager to please so this is rarely a problem! I show Bolognese and occasionally have puppies for sale as I am keen to breed a dog to take in the ring. I was one of the first importers of Bolognese to this country and have a healthy established gene pool. I own the Top Bitch 2005 and 2006 and the Top Stud 2007 as well as being joint owner of International Champion.Swedish.Danish.Irish Champion Puzinuz Cossimo who was bred by my good friend in Sweden and campained by her Laila Bergman. Bolognese require no trimming but a tidy around the feet does make it more comfortable for the dog to walk and other than that require combing- not brushing-every few days. They are excellent for most people with low to medium allergy although not recommended for pre-school children as they are too much like a toy as a puppy. Very cute and fluffy!

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