Jane Le Coyte

Labradoodle (Australian)s

We live in Bishopstone, a beautiful Wiltshire village, with our 3 labradoodles, Doodles, Poppy and Coco. We always used to have German Shepherds but my youngest son developed asthma so, after Jess, our lovely German Shepherd, died we decided to try a different breed known to be good with allergies. Doodles came first and what a success she was and is! Then Poppy, and finally our last labradoodle, Coco. We now have black, white and chocolate and I would never go back to any other breed. They are funny, loyal, playful and amazing companions just full of life and totally without vice. We are hobby breeders and Doodles, Poppy and Coco have produced some stunning puppies. Doodles and Poppy are retired but Coco has just had her final litter of 9 amazing puppies.

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