I am a hobby Breeder of F2 & F3 Labradoodles, I only have 1 litter of pups a year. My pups are born and raised in my living room, leading to very well socialised puppies! I own 6 Labradoodles, Morgan...Great granny to the pups, her daughter Zoe and son Rolo. Then we have Lexie who is a female we kept from Zoes 1st litter! Eva is from Zoes final litter and is a F3 Chocolate. Then we have Piper who is from Lexies 1st litter. So there is 5 generations of Doodles in my house! My Doodles are Hipscored,Elbowscored and Eye tested with certificates here to view. Please see my website for more info! or Eilean Labradoodles Facebook page.

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